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Jobaskit: Empowering Student Partners for the Future

The ultimate job search companion, providing personalized career guidance and answering all your employment-related questions.

Roles and Responsibilities of Student Partners

Jobaskit Student Partners teaches and experiences students with valuable insights into various industries.

Development of Skills

Real-world initiatives for skill development to get jobs

Exposure to the Industry

Significant understanding of emerging technology


Possibilities for collaboration with various companies

Professional Development

More prospects in Jobs and Internships

Jobaskit: Student Partner

Forming Partnerships

Develop solid relationships with important campus stakeholders, such as student organizations and campus leaders, to form partnerships that boost our brand's visibility.

Promotion on Social Media

Use social media channels to efficiently market our company and its goods to students, raising awareness and promoting participation.

Event Planning and Integration

Plan and conduct on-campus marketing and activities to increase product awareness and brand loyalty.

Communication and Feedback

Serve as our company's principal point of contact on your campus and give frequent feedback to enable constructive collaboration.

Learning Opportunities

Jobaskit: Learning to Grow

Programmes for Training and Development

Participate in extensive training and development programmes to improve your marketing, sales, and other related abilities.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with industry professionals to broaden your network and expose yourself to new viewpoints and ideas.

Exposure to Diverse Points of View

Immerse yourself in an environment that promotes personal and professional development via cooperation, interaction, and a respect for different points of view.

Mentoring and Guidance

Receive assistance and mentorship from seasoned professionals who will support and encourage you as a student partner throughout your journey.

How it Operates
Learn about the Jobaskit Student Partner scheme.
Submit an application showing your digital skills and experiences.
Finish the selection procedure, which might involve interviews or exams.
Learn that you have been chosen as a Jobaskit Student Partner.
Collaborate with specialists to get jobs and internships.
Jobaskit can help you master the art of network expansion.

Jobaskit Student Partner: Join now


Get a certificate recognising your student partner's role and accomplishments in the position..

Personalized Letter of Reference

Obtain a tailored letter of reference emphasising your accomplishments, which will considerably increase your future career chances.


Receive incentives depending on your performance and achievements to show our thanks for your remarkable commitment and outcomes.

Networking Possibilities

Gain access to a broad professional network and industry specialists, which can lead to future partnerships and employment opportunities.

Rewards and Incentives